Final Few Weeks

When the wedding date is finally in sight, often there’s still a fair amount of administration to take care of. If the thought of creating schedules for the day, communicating with suppliers, confirming guest requirements or even making last minute adjustments to the table plan sounds a little daunting then help is at hand.

To ensure you spend those last few weeks and days simply enjoying the build-up with friends and family, I’m here to take care of all of your carefully made plans right through to the end of the wedding day itself.

Joining you with approximately six to eight weeks to go, we will talk through your plans and work out exactly what help you need. Whether it’s sourcing and hiring additional suppliers, confirming details with everyone involved, looking after outstanding payments or paperwork or just bringing everything and everyone together in the right way at just the right moment, I will attend to every detail to ensure that everything comes together beautifully.

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